Sacred Santa Fe - Solstice Sale 20% off!
Sacred Santa Fe - Solstice Sale 20% off!
Sacred Santa Fe - Solstice Sale 20% off!
Sacred Santa Fe - Solstice Sale 20% off!

Sacred Santa Fe - Solstice Sale 20% off!

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Sacred Santa Fe, Geomancy, Geometry, and Energetics of its Churches is a book about geometry, geomancy, and the energetic qualities of four churches built over 200 years. Beginning with Spanish Missionaries and the Mission of San Miguel in early the 1600s, the book ends with the work of a French Master Builder in the latter half of the 1800s and the mysterious Loretto Chapel. 

These master builders used their knowledge of solar sacred geometry to create their adobe masterpieces. The Mission of San Miguel, the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, and the Loretto Chapel were conceived and built according to this lost art.

Sacred Santa Fe explores how the annual rhythm of the sun and the energies of the earth are, in reality, used to create a unique geometry of the place, which is called solar geometry. This energetic solar geometry was used worldwide to create sacred places imbued with a spiritual ambiance. These places are full of balance, harmony, and spirituality. Santa Fe has an exceptional relationship with the sun, life, and spirituality found in the geometry of the sun and the golden ratio. We are happy to share this sacred relationship with you.

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Oh my God- this is the best book on sacred geometry I have ever read in my entire life!!! I am in awe again!! It is re-wiring my brain to a whole new way of thinking about sacred structures, this is a HUGE revelation for me.

THANK YOU to 100th degree for this.

Anne Bretschneider

San Diego, CA


"This book is an excellent informative read. It’s also kind of interactive, I’m on chapter 2 and I had to stop to go get my graph paper and colored pens. I feel as if I am with you in class! Amazing knowledge – Amazing teachers."

Jiten K. Panddya

Certified Bioenergetician and Scientific Vastu and Geopathic Stress Expert


"The book is amazing – huge concepts simplified to one or two elegant pages.

Clear text and many color illustrations teach us how and why Master Builders designed sacred structures world wide . We learn how to recognize and apply the mandalas used to harmonize both places and people to the natural rhythms of a place (especially solar and lunar). I use the book to study how to do the same, and just bought it for my son, a builder in Costa Rica.


Lola Wilcox

Author, consultant, coach


"Best book on Sacred Geometry, so easy to read and easy instructions to draw your personal mandala. Very well written."

Maria Guerrerro