Is your house supporting you?

Most people have an intuition that something is just not right with their home.

Maybe you never feel rested, or wake up with back pains, or maybe your child has nightmares.

Then curiously when you go on vacation, all these problems disappear.


If this sounds familiar, maybe it is time to think that your home is the problem…not you.

Underground circulation of energies, such as water veins and geological faults are well-know problems since ancient times. For example, before building a home, the Romans would put a flock of sheep on the land to eat, sleep, and live. One year afterwards, they would look at the entrails to make sure the sheep were healthy. A healthy sheep meant the land was free from unhealthy earth energy. If they noticed that a sheep had developed a disease, the place was declared as uninhabitable and no structures were built.


Now-a-days no one makes these types of studies before building. But if you are not aware of problems that earth energies can cause, you can easily live in the wrong place. For example, some places lead to depression, others are places of stress, constant fighting, unhappiness, disease, and sleeping problems.


Many people come to us because after they moved into their home, they suddenly developed health problems and there was no resolution or cure. Other people have trouble sleeping. Many problems can be traced back to your home and even the position of your bed. If you want to read more about the problems of earth energies, read our blog: Dangers Lurking under your Bed.


A Home Harmonization consists of placing a rectangle that is connected to the sun’s rhythms and the earth’s patterns around your home. We call this special rectangle, a Solar Rectangle. It is also called a Solsticial Quadrilateral.

Earth Acupuncture, a technique to neutralize earth energies is also employed to bring harmony and regeneration into your home.

The Key Benefits of Home Harmonization and Earth Acupuncture

  • It cleans and resets the energy of your home and everyone living there.    
  • Homes filled with stress and arguments become calm and peaceful.   
  • The effects of noxious nets, such as the Hartmann nets will disappear with enough weight on the corner points.    
  • The energy inside feels good, balanced, and harmonious.   
  • Plants grow better, animals and humans are relaxed and happier.   
  • Your home becomes a sacred space because it is connected to the celestial bodies and the earth.    
  • It helps you access a better quality of life, lowering your stress and helping you to restore your energies.