Online Classes

    Embark on a transformative journey with our online classes, meticulously crafted to bridge ancient wisdom with the demands of modern living. Our offerings are designed to unlock the secrets of the past and infuse your life with timeless knowledge.

    1. Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed: Dive into the mysteries of the Solsticial Quadrilateral, a cornerstone of sacred architecture and cosmic alignment. This class unravels the geometrical marvels that our ancestors used to attune their structures to celestial rhythms, offering you the tools to harmonize your space with the universe.

    2. Stones, Energies, and Sacred Places: Explore the silent language of stones and the vibrant energies they hold. Journey through sacred sites and learn how ancient cultures harnessed the power of lithic formations to create spaces of profound spiritual resonance. This class offers a hands-on approach to understanding and leveraging the earth's energetic gifts.

    3. Trees, Energetics and Spirituality: Discover the spiritual and energetic significance of trees, nature's own sentinels. This class delves into the symbiotic relationship between trees and human spirituality, unveiling how these living pillars can ground, protect, and elevate your energetic environment.

    Each class is a portal to wisdom, waiting to enrich your understanding of the world's energetic tapestry. Choose your path, and let the journey to a deeper knowledge and spiritual awakening begin.