The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed - Solstice Sale 20% off!

The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed - Solstice Sale 20% off!

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The subjects of the eight modules include:

  • Energetic Geometry ~ Definition and historical importance.
  • Body Dowsing ~ Historical use of dowsing and application in modern times.
  • Earth Energies ~ Subterranean influences, including faults and water veins
  • Earth Energies ~ Surface influences, including Natural Nets, Hartmann Nets, and energy vortexes.
  • Solsticial Quadrilateral ~ History, definition, characteristics, and qualities.
  • Draw the Solar Mandala ~ Find the rhythm of the sun for your home and land.
  • The Five Elements ~ Historical use and modern applications.
  • Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration of your Home ~ Putting it all together.

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“I am really enjoying the tree class. Everything is very interesting and I’m learning new terms and vocabulary as well. I didn’t know about the terminology related to the shape of the trees and it is definitely something I want to learn more about. I’m looking forward to learning about healing and therapy in the next modules!

Denise Marinko



“I have been attending classes with Dominique for many years, learning the fascinating knowledge of the master builders of our past. A rich, practical, and ancient technology, which connects us to the vibrant power of nature all around us in a direct and simple fashion through the use of our own body’s natural sensitivity to the environment that surrounds us. Through this sensitivity we learn to use our environment in practical ways to actually feel better, improve our living spaces, increasing the health of our animals, trees, plants and ourselves. Dominique is a wonderful teacher who brings a rich historical perspective to every class. Providing context and understanding of the why and how ancient builders created the spaces in which they lived, studied and worshiped. Dominique also takes this ancient technology and makes it practical and available for all who attend his classes and workshops via story, example, experimentation, and ingeniously simple exercises enabling one to travel home and use the knowledge immediately in their own living and work spaces. I highly recommend attending any available classes and open yourself, through Dominique’s tutelage, to the possibility of having a sacred place, and a sacred space in which to live and grow."

Tony Holt

Denver, CO


“I found the Solsticial Quadrilateral online class to be wonderfully paced and informative. Karen and Dominique are a great resource and very open to answer any and all questions. I loved the personal stories used in examples. What you learn is immediately applicable to your personal environment. I’ve

have surprising and positive results from implementing what I learned in this introduction class. I look forward to learning more with them. “

Nicole Moffatt

Sacramento, CA


"The Solsticial Quadrilateral online class is an excellent course connecting us to the Master Builder Tradition. I really enjoyed the entire course. The mix of written material with video learning was a great blend for my learning style, and loved the attention to the visuals. I was concerned that the math would be over my head, but everything was clear and easy to follow. I loved the history and connection to ancient temples and sites, but the modern approach has of a lot of creativity and art when making things aligned and harmonized for your home. Looking forward to future courses."

Christopher Penczak

Salem, NH


“Fabulous and interesting, the Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed class is clearly created from years of experience and study and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend it.”

Dawn Danis

“A unique and sacred knowledge The modules are very detailed, I found a lot of practical information in them, very useful for me. I found a lot of parallels with my country, archeology, mythology (Russia). Now I understand that my ancestors also had a piece of this knowledge. This indicates the universality of this sacred knowledge. Wherever you are on the planet, these courses will be useful and will help everyone to harmonize their earth, home, body, provide spiritual healing and self-improvement. With this knowledge it is easy and affordable for any person. These courses inspired me to new achievements, new ideas for energetic healing interactions with places of power and megaliths and more. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much!!!”

Dmitry Pesnya