Energetic Celestial Blueprint - Save 30%

Energetic Celestial Blueprint - Save 30%

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Heal, restore, and balance your energy

The Energetic Celestial Blueprint is an extraordinary talisman and tool for personal healing. It connects you with the heavens, the exact pattern of the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon at the moment of your first breath. It represents your original birth energy, your divine essence and is the energetic reference for your life here on earth.

Most people have lost the energetic reference of their birth. It has been repressed through years of conditioning and traumas, and little by little energetic integrity and identity is lost.

 The Energetic Celestial Blueprint allows you to recover your original energetic identity.

This means you can:

  • Release energy from a hard birthing process
  • Let go of early childhood traumas.
  • Connect to the world around you with an open heart.
  • Re-align with your life purpose.
  • Shed layers of other people’s energy or low vibrations.
  • Open your energetic channels.
  • Establish a clear spiritual connection.

What is an Energetic Celestial Blueprint?

Energetic Celestial Blueprints are one of a kind, just like you.

We use your height, place of birth, date, and time of birth, a combination making it uniquely yours.

Your height is a type of vibration and is one way you interact with your environment.

Your birthplace is essential because each latitude has a different relationship with the sun and therefore a distinctive pattern.

The day and time of your birth sets the stage and reveals a unique map of the stars for the moment that you took your first breath.

It can be surprising for some to learn that their actual sun sign is different from what they expect.

We use the ACTUAL position of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars for your Energetic Celestial Blueprint. This is how astrology first began in Sumeria over 4000 years ago. The twelve Zodiac signs and system of astrology was developed by these ancient astrologers and astronomers. This astrology used what was actually present in the sky, unlike the Western astrology system which uses the equinox and the zodiac sign of Aries as the beginning point.

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