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Sacred places come alive on our travels

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    Sacred Site Tours

    Energetic Sacred Site Tours


    Longing for a spiritual experience beyond your five senses?

    Sacred places come alive on our travels.

    ~Experience, sense, and feel subtle spiritual energies.

    ~Uncover exactly what makes a place sacred.

    ~Discover earth energies and their essential function at sacred sites.

    ~Learn about the sacred geometry used in architecture. It is not what you think.

    ~Explore how your energetic system works with high vibrational energies at sacred sites.

    Our Travel Style

     Our tours feature a unique blend of energetic experiences at sacred places and insights into the sacred geometry employed to build them. We share how to work with the energy system to enjoy a more profound experience with the sacred energies found in the places we visit.

     Besides the typical architectural understandings of temples and cathedrals, we bring the vast knowledge of the Master Builders into each tour, by sharing a unique perspective into how temples, churches, and other sacred places were built. Solar rhythms, celestial movements, and patterns of the earth were combined by our ancestors to create a geometry, a sacred geometry. This sacred geometry was used worldwide to build places dedicated to the divine.


    Our tours are small, so we can focus on the quality of your experience in the places we visit. We take care of you, your safety and well-being are always top priorities. Our tour guests can expect to be delighted by the local gastronomy and cultural flavors. All meals are provided and we stay in 4-star hotels whenever possible.

     Knowledge and experience 

    We’ve spent over 30 years investigating sacred geometry and the energetic qualities of sacred sites. We understand thoroughly how sacred structures were conceived, designed, and built by the master builders and shamans and have guided small tours to sacred places for over 20 years.

    Great value

    We provide expert guidance, gastronomy, cultural enrichment, transportation, and comfortable accommodations. You will find our tours offer you an exceptional experience and value.


    We believe in enjoying life, having fun and sharing laughter along the way.