Energetic Healings

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    Many of us experience problems we can’t heal with conventional methods.

    Dr. Sergey can help you with your health, wealth, and love issues.

    Dr. Sergey Pesnya is a talented energy healer, medical doctor, and psychologist.

    He has over 30 years of energy healing experience.

    If you have experienced mysterious health problems that don’t go away, many times they are related to energetic disturbances of your body. Dr. Sergey will make a diagnosis of your aura, each chakra, each organ, and how well your systems work together for the balance and health of your body.

    Then he will begin the healing and correction process. His system is not a process of just sending energy for healing. His corrections improve many symptoms and diseases. Personal improvements are individual.


    For best results, it is recommended to do one to two sessions for a simple case,

    for medium cases, four to five sessions are recommended.

    Difficult cases can take up to ten sessions.