Health Guided Meditation Set
Health Guided Meditation Set
Health Guided Meditation Set
Health Guided Meditation Set
Health Guided Meditation Set

Health Guided Meditation Set

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Join Karen Crowley-Susani as she guides you into deep relaxation and healing with these four guided meditations focused on bringing balance and helping heal the heart, lungs, liver, and CNS.

Each guided meditation works with the healing energies from the Three Kingdoms, animal, plant, and mineral, in the form of a sacred site. 

The Three Kingdoms have different vibrations that are used to heal and improve the energy of each organ and system. For example, in the mineral kingdom, the healing vibrations are constant. In plants and animals, these vibrations are living and changing, bringing the unique qualities of each living being into the meditation.

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Travel to Places of Power

These sacred places can be 1000s of years old and energetic rituals were performed to raise the vibration and health of the people in ancient times.

Dr. Sergey works with the astral energies at sacred sites. He investigates their energies and abilities to help us heal and regenerate our energetic systems, mainly our aura, chakras, and organs.

Local folklore and history are shared along with the healing abilities of each chosen place used in the meditation. During the meditations, it is possible to charge various things like water, oils, creams, crystals etc.

Don't take our word for it


I am extremely grateful for the Sunday Sessions with you, Dominique, Dmitry and
Sergey. It actually gets better every week!!! There are no words to describe
the body, mind, spirit connection I feel with the 4 of you & the incredible,
inspiring Sunday Sessions!!!


I experience a higher level of health and steady improvement.


Lafayette, CO


I am healing my physical body…I feel that this energy transmission is helping. My overall body is feeling lighter. The pain is healing.




Such a wonderful experience today. I could feel the different energies during each meditation as well as throughout the program.

I loved the presentations, the discussion and the dive in meditation. 

Really good, I could feel the healing. I’m still vibrating. 

So good. 


Los Angeles, CA


"I am loving these meditations… even deeper and more tangible in what I feel in the process and for days later.

The shifts for me are in my attitude, my overall energy to take action, deal with things that need action and the strength to handle what comes. They are quite extraordinary."   


Lafayette, CO


I feel much clearer, more connected, I don't know how to describe it, but more present and physically and emotionally more stable than before starting the meditations




These meditations are magical!


Boulder, CO

Listen to a sample meditation below.