Explore our wonderful shungite collection of Pyramids, Spheres, Cubes, Disks, Plates, a variety of Pendants, and Bracelets to choose from.

    Our Guarantee:

    You will receive shungite of the highest quality, personally tested, and cleaned of all negative energy.  Many times, shungite and other crystals contain negative energies because they have been mined with explosives. Energetically cleaning them ensures the quality and power of the energetic waves emitted by the shungite to its environment.

    Our shungite is also personally certified and energetically charged with life-enhancing and protective energies by medical doctor and energy healer Dr. Sergey Pesnya with his special method.

    Additionally, Dr. Sergey individually aligns all of our shungite pyramids and cubes to the magnetic north. They are marked with golden dots, providing an easy guide for the alignment of your shungite to achieve the most power. Instructions are included with your order.

    Our shungite comes from the Zazhoginskaya mine in Karelia, Russia.